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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Check out Body Gossip!

Many of us are aware of the images of ‘perfect’ bodies with which we are bombarded on a daily basis.  In the media only certain body types are deemed worthy of attention and the people like us, those with the normal range of scars, lumps and bumps, those who are bigger or smaller than the ‘ideal’, are ignored.  The pressure to look a certain way can be huge and can cause terrible damage, particularly for children, who are presented with a terribly unrealistic ‘ideal’ to aspire to.

As naturists we know that the human body comes in all shapes and all sizes.  Life events such as childbirth, surgery or illness, paint their picture on us with scars, stretch marks, lumps, bumps and missing bits.  In a naturist environment none of this matters – we accept and value the whole person, not what they look like.  To be comfortable in your own skin is a truly special feeling, as is that moment when your body shame melts away.

Because we know the power of having a positive body image we applaud the work of campaign group Body Gossip.  A group run by volunteers, Body Gossip campaigns through arts and education to empower everybody to be the best version of themselves and ‘rock their own brand of gorgeous’.  Their website is packed full of amazing resources to empower and educate and we can’t recommend it enough.  With a packed programme, including arts and education activities, Body Gossip is tackling body image issues in a creative and accessible way.  Why not check out their website Body Gossip, or follow their vibrant social media presence on Facebook and Twitter?

At Diogenes we have seen many nervous newcomers become enthusiastic naturists and it isn’t unusual to hear naturism described as a ‘life changing experience’.  All that damaging baggage disappears when you realise that nobody is ‘looking at you’, nobody is judging you and that actually what lies under your clothing is actually pretty much the same as everyone else!  It’s an incredibly empowering experience and we have an enviable track record in welcoming people who have natural first time nerves.  In fact it is a great privilege to see people become confident and empowered in a naturist environment, with nerves replaced by smiles!

Body Gossip, we salute you!