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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Autumn is here – but we carry on regardless!

Were you caught out by the clocks going back?  There’s a definite nip in the air now the nights are drawing in but despite our penchant for being in the buff, we can enjoy our naturism year-round at Diogenes Sun Club, both inside the warm, welcoming manor house itself or for the hardier amongst us, outside in the grounds.

On the 2nd November 2014 there was  another Club Sunday working on the house and grounds which is always a good opportunity for members to work together and learn new skills such as building or gardening or learning to drive some of the machinery, such as the drive on mowers, tractors etc.

With the wind whistling and the leaves of various hues falling as we work, every season is a reminder of the passing of time.  Hillview, the home of Diogenes, was largely built in the 19th century (though some parts are older) and fell into disrepair before it was taken over as a Sun (Naturist) Club, when the last surviving member of the family who owned the house passed away.  Our members, typically for the naturist community have a range of skills and expertise which they are able to bring to the community and to benefit the club.  We rarely have to outsource, most of the work can be readily and expertly completed by our members.

It’s not all work though.  A social on Saturday 8th November is a member and guest only fancy dress, ‘Your Favourite Era” event, including a quiz, supper and clothes-optional disco.  Naturists are convivial and gregarious and many naturists say once they’ve discovered naturism, they’d far rather socialise in a naturist than a non naturist environment. Here’s a blog written by one of our members, Emma James ‘the supreme irony is’ .