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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Did you like what you saw?

So, Diogenes was on Channel 4′s ‘Great British Skinny Dip’ documentary on February 14th (it’s still on catch up if you missed it).  Admittedly we weren’t the main focus but there were a few shots of the club’s facilities and grounds and that of course made us very proud.  If you are visiting our site because you saw the documentary, welcome!  In fact welcome to you even if you didn’t see it!

Do have a good browse around and check out what the club has to offer.  Our facilties are second to none and we are known for the welcome we give to newcomers.

If you are thinking about trying naturism then you are in the right place.  It’s a brilliant way of life and you will soon doscover the massive benefits to your wellbeing and confidence – and once you’ve swum costume free then there really is no going back!  And here’s a little secret – it really isn’t at all nerve wracking and we naturists are really not incredibly brave folk!  It’s normal to be nervous at frst but after a few minutes you soon forget you’re naked and just get on with enjoying yourself and relaxing.

Don’t be one of the many naturists who say “I wish I’d tried it years ago” – get in touch and enjoy your free trial visit.

See you soon!