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Barbecue’s at Diogenes in the Summer

Our penchant for serving up great BBQ food knows no bounds, and anyone who has been at the club when Uncle Ken is cooking up a tasty meat feast will know that his marinated & seared chicken thighs and crisply cooked sausages are the talk of the lawn!  With no less than four BBQ grill plates to make use of at anyone time, the much revered BBQ stand is often the place to meet with fellow Diogenes members and enjoy a cheeky beer or nicely chilled Chardonay whilst the “man, meat, fire” process takes place.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to sample the smoked delights served piping hot from the griddle, then keep an eye out for the publicised club events held during the summer months, there’s sure to be an occasion when we can’t resist wheeling out the colourful BBQ sign board to help Uncle Ken make the most of some fine outdoor cooking in the warmer months!

For those folks who haven’t yet visited the club, why not submit your trial visit application form now? See the Join link in the left hand side menu ….