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Diogenes for Children

Keeping them Occupied

For our younger children we have a great assortment of swings, climbing, bouncing and sliding apparatus, not forgetting the superb activity fort complete with rope net and climbing hand-holds. With a smashing Wendy House and good sized sandpit there’s no shortage of things for the younger children to amuse themselves with. Plus all of the usual pedal and pushalong toys and trikes you would expect to see. Guaranteed to keep them occupied without fail.

Happy, Smiley People

Naturist children are happy, well-adjusted and safe. Children don’t care if they are wearing clothes or not – it’s adults who make them get dressed.  They grow up with a better understanding of what will happen to their bodies and enjoy a relaxed, outdoor life.  It’s often hard work persuading them to get dressed at the end of a day to go home!  Also, Naturism is an activity that all the family can do together – rare in the 21st Century.  Hot afternoons will see families, sometimes into 3 generations, at Naturist places, swimming, playing sports, BBQ’ing or picnicking, letting off steam with friends in children’s play areas or youth clubhouses, or just simply lazing about enjoying each other’s company.

Naturist families have more open relationships – it is often reported by children who grew up in Naturism how they felt they could talk to their parents about anything.  Many adults who grew up as children in Naturism bring their own children up the same way, remembering what a great time they had.

Teenagers Growing Up

Diogenes understands that as children grow up, sometimes they don’t want to be naked all the time.  Changes to their bodies occur and they may prefer to wear a sarong or wrap when at the club.  None of this is a problem at Diogenes.  The only stipulation we make is for members to be unclothed when they use either of the swimming pools or the sauna cabin.  We have a varied age group for membership and it’s not uncommon to see a group of youngsters chilling out together and making good use of the free wi-fi as they socially interact both real time and online with their friends.

Note for Parents and Guardians

Diogenes has a strong child protection regime which follows principles laid down by British Naturism, with the intent of safeguarding children at all times whilst they are visiting the club. It is a fallacy to believe that naked children are any more at risk of abuse in a naturist environment.  In addition, unaccompanied children are not permitted at Diogenes and the excellent community spirit that pervades here ensures that a watchful eye is ever present.  Despite the perception, there are far fewer problems in naturism than in more “public” places where children and adults mix.  Mindful of the need to be aware of child safeguarding issues, however, Diogenes will always have a robust child safeguarding policy and regularly reviews its code of practice.

Furthermore, there are Safeguarding Officers on the club’s management committee, and they and other key staff are subject to CRB checks. We do our utmost to protect all club members, be they vulnerable, young or old.  We pride ourselves on offering a superb club to enjoy naturism in a relaxed, safe & friendly environment here in the UK.