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New Membership & Trial Visit Enquiries

Our contact process for new membership & trial visit enquiries is primarily via the use of an enquiry form through email from this website.  Please include your full name, email address, postcode and a suitable contact phone number (let us know what’s the best time to call too).  Also, please tell us a little about yourself and your interests and any experience of naturism to date.  Even if you are completely new to naturism, you are more than welcome to contact us, “no experience necessary”.

If you want to discuss something in particular with the Membership Secretary, please submit an enquiry form detailing your wish to speak with someone in person.  If you can provide a preferred telephone number and an ideal time to be contacted, we will endeavour to phone you soonest to discuss your interest in Diogenes Sun Club.  Calls are always made with consideration to the nature of the conversation, so please don’t be put off having a chat with us.Naturist

When Can I Visit?

We offer free trial visits throughout the year.  These are nearly always handled exclusively on a Sunday afternoon owing to the logistics of having sufficient committee members available to meet, greet, and show you around the club house and grounds.

Regrettably spot “drop in” trial visits are just not possible; we would love to see you, but we have to manage visitor numbers and we’ve found that this proven method is the best way for us to accommodate the large number of visit requests that we receive.

What Does it Cost?

Annual membership at Diogenes for the current 2017 season is £175.00 per person, £350.00 per family.  Children under 18 are included on their parent’s membership card and are very welcome at Diogenes.

Young adults joining between the ages of 18 – 30 are now charged a promotional offer price of just £50.00 per year for their first two years membership, reverting to 50% of the full membership fee for the remaining years up until they reach 30 years of age.

Whilst undergoing the membership application process, any day visits you make to the club are charged at a per day rate of £10 per single adult, £15 per couple, with accompanied children under 18 free.  Once your application for membership has been accepted, these day visit costs are deducted** from your first year’s fees upon being accepted as a keyholder (so it costs you nothing extra to explore joining Diogenes!)

Availability of Membership

Demand for membership at Diogenes is generally high, but it is always worth emailing us via our enquiry form.  On average we process three to four enquiries a week (more during the busier summer months).  We always look to respond to membership enquiries in a timely fashion, so if we do have memberships available, we can let you know soonest.

Diogenes Sun Club is first and foremost a family orientated club with member’s interests and well being at heart.  We welcome applications from all circles and in particular, younger families with children.

Diogenes is a true member’s club and welcomes genuine naturists who can add to our vibrant atmosphere.

Remember, it costs nothing to explore what Diogenes club life is like, so why not give it a go?  After all, you’ve nothing to lose except your clothes!

** Day visit fees are refunded in full provided that your membership application is finalised within 3 months of commencing the application process.