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Boule (or Pétanque) at Diogenes

Boule (or Pétanque) is played all year round at Diogenes.  We have ten pistes available to all members and you will nearly always find someone to partner or play against.  The club holds regular events and competitions, mostly for fun, but also with a view to competing in both the national and international arenas for those who wish to take their pastime a little further.

Beginners and those who don’t have any boule of their own, we have spare boule sets for you to use.  This is an ideal way to allow you to get to know the game without having to spend any money on your own boule.  We do find however that most members will pretty quickly look to acquire their own boule, recognising that having your own boules allows you to obtain the right diameter and weight to suit your style and ability.

The game can be played by all ages, and we already have several up and coming stars amongst us with junior members showing that they can point and shoot good enough to hold their own in the games.  Coaching and advice is freely given (although not always taken!)  Diogenes members regularly take part in the national and international competitions that are held throughout the season, indeed, we nearly always field a big team for all events, such is the enthusiasm at Diogenes for boule.

Apart from a regular weeding and raking to settle the shale back into place, the pistes don’t need much in the way of maintenance, and you can often find members tidying up the pistes in readiness for the next round of games, eagerly awaiting the fun and good humour that accompanies the gentle sound of boule on boule.

A great way to ease yourself into Diogenes club life!