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Miniten at Diogenes

Miniten is a version of tennis played on a smaller court but following the rules and scoring of the traditional game. Devised in the 1930s it is unique to naturism. The bat, rather like a wooden box around your hand, is called a thug and whilst they can vary in size, shape and design, there are some basic rules to be followed when constructing your very own thug to use.

Diogenes really does have some of the very best facilities for miniten in the naturist world, and also some of the best players too, as well as many of lesser ability but equal enthusiasm, and of all ages. It is played all year round, except in ice and snow, and the club regularly hosts national competitions. Newcomers with an interest and aptitude for ball games and exercise will find it easy to acquire the necessary skills to join in, and advice and encouragement is always forthcoming.

Courts need to be booked when on-site to ensure everybody wanting a game gets a chance to play.  Most games are played with four people participating, although two can play just as easily.  The courts are also able to cater for tennis too, so in every respect Diogenes can offer excellent facilities for court games.  Following the latest investment Diogenes now has four courts available, plenty of room for everyone!

Close by there is a viewing area, where members can sit and watch the games being played, and just a few steps away there is the Diogenes cafe where drinks and snacks are served.