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Diogenes Naturist Sauna

The sauna suite comprises the following facilities:

Sauna – this is dry (sometimes referred to as Finnish) with a normal operating temperature of about 90° Centigrade. It will seat 18 comfortably, but it can get busy at certain times.

Plunge pool – the water is unheated but not chilled.  It is continuously circulated and filtered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is regularly checked and maintained.

Showers – there are two hot and cold showers in the sauna block (and a further three in the house in the separate washroom).

Lounge – this is on the upper floor providing seating (always on a towel please,  members bring a dry bath size towel for this purpose), tables and a small well equipped kitchen area.

This area is the focal point of social interaction for sauna goers – very much a club atmosphere.  Members like to bring food,  snacks and drinks particularly on Sundays.  Tea, coffee and squash are available for a small fee.

Regular sauna sessions are held 17:00 – 19:00 on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and some Bank Holidays (depending on sauna rota team availability).

Non-members currently pay a nominal fee to enjoy the sauna, with day visitors presenting their day visitors cards enjoying a lesser fee than guests of members who arrive for use of the regular sauna sessions only. Children under 18 are free to use the sauna under supervision up until 6.00pm.   For more information, members can read the Rules of Usage posted within the sauna area.

The sauna suite is housed in the building next to the north entrance gate attached to the old stables.  The building itself was once the feed and tack store for the stables.  Nowadays there are no horses or ponies to take care of, so the buildings are being put to much better use.