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GBSD Swim Night at Diogenes

With a second GBSD (Great British Skinny Dip) night being held at Diogenes Sun Club, there were no shortage of willing members happy to attend and help provide a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for those who were brave enough to take that first step and turn up to our wonderful sun club.

With an opportunity to swim naked in our superb indoor pool, those members of the public who chose to shed their inhibitions and visit Diogenes, enjoyed another good evening at the South East’s premier all year round naturist club.

Diogenes Sun Club is helping British Naturism host the nationwide GBSD events throughout January, February and early March.  Intended in part, as a means of kick-starting new interest in joining a sun club, the GBSD events are an ideal way of helping UK naturist clubs promote themselves by taking part in the national event (when their facilities permit this).

As our attendance figures show, there is still a healthy interest in joining a naturist club, and when you have one with so many excellent facilities available, the only real decision you have to make is “… when can I come again?”.  Diogenes is currently seeking new members, why not contact us today and request your trial visit soonest?