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How to Keep Cool in the HOT Weather!

Diogenes Sun Club paid host to BBC Newsnight last Friday, when a three man crew descended to film a piece about how to keep cool in the hot weather (in at about 26.45 minutes).

Stephen Smith, Presenter and the Culture Correspondent of Newsnight was in the frame along with two of our members, Andrew Welch and Emma James.  Andrew Welch is also the Commercial Manager of British Naturism and deals with media enquiries on a daily basis so is a veritable minefield of naturist facts and figures.  Emma James, a businesswoman, networker and blogger, is a more recent recruit to public naturism, having joined Diogenes in May 2011 and who has thrown herself into naturism and the naturist lifestyle with gusto.

Filming took place late afternoon on a blistering, hot, sunny day, which showed our 60ft heated outdoor pool and the grounds off to full effect.  A number of members came along to take part in the filming and appeared, relaxing in the grounds alongside the pool.

There was the usual predicament, “I can foresee one problem.  Where do we put the microphones?” which resulted in the Producer, gamely on his hands and knees on the ground alongside Andrew and Emma as they were being filmed.

After a long hot day filming, the crew wrapped, leaving to film another segment for the short piece which was screened towards the end of Newsnight on Friday 19 July 2013.  The crew were hot and tired and were they not working, they would surely have been tempted to try naturism for themselves?

Shortly before Kate gave birth to the third in line to the throne (Congratulations!), we also appeared on the Home Page of the BBC: “Naturism or no socks?  How to keep cool.”

We could get used to all this exposure … Here we are on the Home Page of British Naturism too!

So what are you waiting for? Sunshine or showers, there’s always a warm welcome at Diogenes. See our Outdoor Pool and New to Naturism pages for starters. Why not browse more of our website, & check out our wonderful facilities at our family-friendly naturist club? Book a Trial Visit for yourself and discover just how positive naturism is.

And here, appropriately given the regal birth, two recent visitors to Diogenes blogged an entry named: “Buckinghamshire Palace” - written after attending our recent “Friends and Family day” held on 30 June 2013 – see: “The Naked Truth. The Tales and Views of an English Naturist”

Stephen Smith, Twitter @StephenSmithBBC https://twitter.com/StephenSmithBBC

Stephen Smith, “The Biggest Cover-Up In History” 10 February 2011; http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/tv/posts/fig-leaf-the-biggest-cover-up