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Keeping Up Appearances

This weekend we will be “Keeping Up Appearances” at Diogenes Sun Club, with one of the many working days that we like to put in to help keep the house and grounds looking good for members and visitors alike.  This Sunday we are tackling the preparation of the hallway, stairs and landings to make ready for the re-decoration work.  A large country house like ours needs lots of attention and upkeep to ensure it remains in fine fettle, and we can always rely on the willing resources from within to help achieve this.

It’s always great fun and very sociable too, plus there’s a tasty home cooked lunch served from our own kitchen to keep the member’s engines running whilst they put their skills to good use.  Once we have covered the tasks for the day we then set to, and relax with either a swim or sauna.  You too could be part of this friendly club, why not apply for a free trial visit and see why Diogenes Sun Club is one of the finest naturist clubs in the South East today?