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The Season Begins!

Yesterday saw a lovely sunny day, with lovely blue skies.  Okay, it was a little cold to strip off for most members, but iBoule scoreboard close upt gave a sense of impending summer in the air.

The grounds are looking really first class – our resident arborist has been really busy and the tender ministrations of his chainsaw have seen several overhanging and overgrown trees removed or reduced, and many new trees being planted.  The result is more light – and, importantly, more sunlight hours in which to enjoy the sunshine au naturel!  Plants are springing into life, the grass is lush and well mowed, and the refursbishment of our outdoor pool is now nearing completion – we’ll be sure to publish photographs as soon as we can, but be assured it will look absolutely stunning!

Yesterday also saw our boule season start in earnest with the first of our melée competitions being held.  These are great fun, open to all abilities, and continue monthly through the summer until a male and female winner emerge victorious.

We’d love to welcome you to experience our very special club – you can arrange a FREE trial visit online.