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Valentine Supper Evening at Diogenes Sun Club

Despite the arctic weather and a good sprinkling of snow thrown in beforehand, the Valentine event evening went ahead as planned.  Event stalwarts made the pilgrimage to Costco to stock up on the decorations/chocolates/table-cloths etc etc, and then proceeded to set-up the main lounge in readiness for the evening’s supper party.

Decorations took the theme of red love hearts and roses, and with the judicious positioning of a few choice ballons here and there, the scene was set for a good evening.  With no less than 34 members having booked a place, the Chef’s were tasked with creating a supper menu to delight, and they didn’t disappoint.  The starters were very well received and once the main courses started to appear it was apparent that the Chef’s had been prepared to excel themselves.  Serving up either a stuffed chicken breast en-croute with seasonal vegetables, or a herb encrusted salmon fillet with dauphinoise potatoes the diners were soon making in-roads in to clearing their plates with gusto.

The food was excellent throughout, and it was to strong applause that the kitchen took their thanks for having laid on such a superb evening meal.  With desserts aplenty to choose from, and fresh ground coffee with a Lindt chocolate to round off the meal, there were no complaints about the value for money aspect of the affair.

In keeping with true Diogenes style, a raffle was in place, and to ensure that the evening made it’s mark, we created a superb gourmet hamper holding a fabulous Valentine meal for two.  Coquilles St-Jacques, Rib-Eye steaks, fresh vegetables, a delicious heart of strawberrys with double cream, and rounded off with a book of chocolates and a bottle of sparkling pink Cava.

The generosity of the members ensured that every ticket for the super prize was snapped up, and the top notch hamper ensured that we raised a cracking £100.00 for the children’s new play equipment fund.

There was also a further raffle for donated prizes and this in turn added an additional £46.00 to the help boost the club’s funds.  With entertainment coming from our resident magician and entertainer, the tables were treated to a close up display of magic tricks, which was well received by those who were up close and personal to the sleight of hand action.  The main act for the evening was Diogenes very own Mr & Mrs show, with a vigorous grilling of the three willing pairs to answer some very searching and revealing questions about their respective partners.

Contestant No 1, we are so pleased that you decided to share your partner’s recent lingerie purchase with us, but we do wonder whether there should have been quite so much “detail” included ….

However, your daring paid off, and you ultimately picked up the winners prize.

Finishing off the evening with an amusing stand up display of the disappearing bandana (or should that read banana?), and a risky operation to avoid slicing off the hands of members as they were handcuffed inside a guillotine of dubious repute.  The audience were chuckling with mirth as the display also included an invisible pack of cards which magically held the correct two of hearts as chosen by a member of the audience – amazing!

For anyone reading this, please note that whilst we are a true family orientated naturist club, evening events of this nature are textile (we do like to dress up too you know!).  If you would like to join in the fun, why not consider contacting us today and enquire about a free trial visit to our wonderful club?