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We don’t hibernate in the winter!

The Sun may be packing its bags for the winter and it would be fair to say that we won’t be doing too much sunbathing just now, but we don’t stop just because its winter!  Here at Diogenes this Sunday marks the first of our winter club Sundays, where members carry out maintenance on the house and grounds.  With tasks varying from minor repairs to major refurbishments we’ll be busy, but happy, as these days are also have a good social atmosphere.  Even the kids get involved in keeping ‘their’ bits of the club pristine!

So why are we telling you about our maintenance activities? Well, quite simply because it’s what keeps our club looking as good as it does for us all to enjoy.  Also, because we don’t have to rely on expensive contractors it keeps our fees low and makes us exceptional value for money.  In these austere times we’re all after a bargain and at Diogenes we certainly offer that in spades!  You won’t get 24/7 access to excellent facilities like this elsewhere, that’s for sure!  Have a browse round the rest of our website to see what’s on offer and come for a FREE trial visit to experience Diogenes for yourself.