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Check out Body Gossip!

Many of us are aware of the images of ‘perfect’ bodies with which we are bombarded on a daily basis.  In the media only certain body types are deemed worthy of attention and the people like us, those with the normal range of scars, lumps and bumps, those who are bigger or smaller than the ‘ideal’, are ignored.  The pressure to look a certain way can be huge and can cause terrible damage, particularly for children, who are presented with a terribly unrealistic ‘ideal’ to aspire to.

As naturists we know that the human body comes in all shapes and all sizes.  Life events such as childbirth, surgery or illness, paint their picture on us with scars, stretch marks, lumps, bumps and missing bits.  In a naturist environment none of this matters – we accept and value the whole person, not what they look like.  To be comfortable in your own skin is a truly special feeling, as is that moment when your body shame melts away.

Because we know the power of having a positive body image we applaud the work of campaign group Body Gossip.  A group run by volunteers, Body Gossip campaigns through arts and education to empower everybody to be the best version of themselves and ‘rock their own brand of gorgeous’.  Their website is packed full of amazing resources to empower and educate and we can’t recommend it enough.  With a packed programme, including arts and education activities, Body Gossip is tackling body image issues in a creative and accessible way.  Why not check out their website Body Gossip, or follow their vibrant social media presence on Facebook and Twitter?

At Diogenes we have seen many nervous newcomers become enthusiastic naturists and it isn’t unusual to hear naturism described as a ’life changing experience’.  All that damaging baggage disappears when you realise that nobody is ‘looking at you’, nobody is judging you and that actually what lies under your clothing is actually pretty much the same as everyone else!  It’s an incredibly empowering experience and we have an enviable track record in welcoming people who have natural first time nerves.  In fact it is a great privilege to see people become confident and empowered in a naturist environment, with nerves replaced by smiles!

Body Gossip, we salute you!

Skinny Dips – that’s all folks!

We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in our skinny dips this winter as so many local (and not so local) people have taken their first steps into naturism in our indoor pool.  Our March session is now fully booked, bringing to an end the busiest skinny dip season we’ve had in the three years we’ve been running them.

There’s no need to miss out though. With spring just round the corner, you can still make a free trial visit and experience one of the UK’s top naturist clubs for yourself.

Thanks to all our wonderful guests over the winter.  We’ve had a blast and we hope you have as well.

Everyone’s gone skinny dip crazy!

It’s the third year of our popular skinny dip evenings and they’ve always been popular, with lots of local (and not so local) people coming to try our lovely indoor pool.  This year though, it seems that everyone’s up for the great experience of costume free swimming, obviously inspired by last year’s super summer.  Of course here at Diogenes we can’t blame them because we think swimming cossies are really rather pointless – and it seems that lots of you agree!  Interest is flying this year and we’ve had to close any further bookings for this Saturday (8th February) or it’ll be standing room only in the pool.

If you’ve been putting off your booking, then don’t forget we’ve got one last session on March 15th and that’s sure to fill up over the next couple of weeks, after which it’s a case of “too late, too late we hear you cry, as the skinny dip sessions pass you by!”  Book now to guarantee your place.

Happy Christmas!

As we look back on 2013 we reflect on one of our most successful years ever, with over forty new members joining our ‘family’.  In 2014  we celebrate fifty years in Chalfont St.Peter – though we have been in existence since the 1930s.  For us there is so much to look forward to as more and more people discovering naturism for themselves and as we celebrate our proud heritage.

We would like to wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Skinny Dip sessions announced!

It’s that time of year again!  Yes, it’s time to announce our very special and popular skinny dip evenings.  These will be held on January 11th, February 8th and March 15th 2014 in our wonderful heated indoor pool, so whatever the weather outside, you can still enjoy naturism.  These great sessions are perfect for newcomers who want to try naturism in a truly family friendly environment, so if you’ve ever wondered what naturism is all about, why not come along and give it a try?  You can register here.  At only £5 per adult, under 18′s free (must be accompanied by an adult) they are great value as well.

Contact us: Swim Nights Register

We don’t hibernate in the winter!

The Sun may be packing its bags for the winter and it would be fair to say that we won’t be doing too much sunbathing just now, but we don’t stop just because its winter!  Here at Diogenes this Sunday marks the first of our winter club Sundays, where members carry out maintenance on the house and grounds.  With tasks varying from minor repairs to major refurbishments we’ll be busy, but happy, as these days are also have a good social atmosphere.  Even the kids get involved in keeping ‘their’ bits of the club pristine!

So why are we telling you about our maintenance activities? Well, quite simply because it’s what keeps our club looking as good as it does for us all to enjoy.  Also, because we don’t have to rely on expensive contractors it keeps our fees low and makes us exceptional value for money.  In these austere times we’re all after a bargain and at Diogenes we certainly offer that in spades!  You won’t get 24/7 access to excellent facilities like this elsewhere, that’s for sure!  Have a browse round the rest of our website to see what’s on offer and come for a FREE trial visit to experience Diogenes for yourself.

Winter’s coming – but that doesn’t stop you trying naturism!

Okay, it’s a bit chilly, a bit blowy and we know you’re thinking “no way am I getting naked now”!  But, did you realise that we are one of the few clubs in the UK to have an indoor pool?  It’s beautifully heated and is in its own area with underfloor heating – perfect for enjoying naturism all year round.  It’s one of the many jewels in the Diogenes crown for sure and is known to attract the odd impressed gasp from our visitors!

So now you don’t have to wait until next spring before making that life changing decision to take the naked plunge.  Apply for a FREE trial visit now and you’ll already be a seasoned naturist by the time the Sun appears again!  Still wavering?  Well once again this winter we will be holding our popular ‘skinny dip’ evenings where you can come along and experience the club at your own pace (and we’re pretty sure that there will be much cake on offer too!).  We haven’t finalised the dates yet, but keep dropping by this site and you’ll be the first to know – and believe us when we say that these events are pretty popular!

Swelling Ranks

Our latest monthly committee meeting has no less than 12 new membership applications going through for approval. The fabulous summer weather has truly been a bonus in helping us to convert the numerous enquiries into keyholder applications and we’re still not finished yet. We’ve got many more prospects in the pipeline and we’re confident that we can bring them through to join us.

With our two swimming pools, numerous boule and tennis courts, plus our sauna and naturist camping facilities, Diogenes truly is an all year round club. We’re open 365 days a year to our members, come rain or shine. If you would like to experience Diogenes Sun Club for yourself, then why not contact us today via our membership contact form and arrange for your no obligation trial visit? For further information please check out our complete website. There’s also an FAQ page where you can find just about any answer you might need before contacting us. There’s never been a better time to enquire, so what are you waiting for?

Busiest Weekend of the Year!

A busy time in prospect for the management team at Diogenes Sun Club this weekend. We’re hosting our 11th Boule Open Competition with 21 teams playing to win over the 2 day event. Combine this with our biggest ever 70′s & 80′s Disco Extravaganza that we’re throwing on the Saturday evening too, and you can see why Diogenes Sun Club is truly emerging as one of the best family orientated naturist clubs to join in the South East region.

We’ve sold virtually all of the tickets available, and blocked out most of the camping space in the grounds to accommodate the lucky members of Diogenes who wanted to party on down into the wee small hours of Sunday morning. For your opportunity to join in the great social activity here at Diogenes Sun Club, why not contact our Membership Secretary and discuss a trial visit soonest?

Google+ Page Launched

Diogenes Sun Club now has a Google+ page too! You can help us by clicking the Plus 1 button on our Google+ page to help boost Google’s love of Diogenes and our joy of pure naturism. It’s early days yet, but we are endeavouring to maximise our exposure on the internet by making full use of the social media tools that makes it so easy to get the word out about our wonderful club. Why not take a minute to have a look at our newest web presence page and give us a welcome boost by clicking the Plus 1 button?

Feel free to follow us also, there might not be a great deal showing at the moment, but the content will surely increase as the popularity rises.

Successful Summer Season for Membership

Membership take up continues to rise at a fantastic pace and our unique ability to offer great all year round facilities at such an affordable price means that we are now reaping the rewards of the fabulous summer sunshine that we are currently experiencing. The membership enquiries are still coming in on a daily basis and we are working flat out to accommodate everybody’s first trial visits**

If you would like to be one of the many naturists we have flocking through our gates, then why not make contact today using our simple contact form found here Membership Enquiries and Trial Visits. It only takes a minute or two to fill in and before you know it you could be organising a free trial visit to our really friendly naturist club here in the sunny Chiltern Hills.

If nerves are holding you back, then worry not, we have a great track record of helping even the most nervous naturists shed their unwanted clothes. Why not enjoy that magical feeling of the warm sunshine on your bare body?

** Subject to eligibility

Naturist Camping Demand Due to Hot Weather

With the amazing hot weather we have had just recently, Diogenes Sun Club has been beset by many Dutch families all wanting to come and camp at the club and to make the best of this super sunshine we are seeing.  The club is experiencing an unprecedented stream of email and phone requests from our European friends, some of whom have never been to us before, but have heard through the grapevine just how good Diogenes is for a truly wonderful naturist camping holiday.

With our premium bay spaces in hot demand from both members and visitors alike, if you are considering coming to Diogenes for a fabulous naturist break, please don’t leave it too long to reserve your space with us, we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed for leaving it too late to book up.  Why not check out our Camping & Motor Homing page now? All enquiry’s are responded to pretty quickly so if we have space for your preferred dates we can let you know straight away.  We hope to greet you soonest!

Fabulously Sunny Summer Days

With the weather having been so gorgeous just lately, lucky Diogenes members have been able to make full use of the excellent outdoor leisure facilities we have on offer here at our wonderful club. With the amazing 60′ heated outdoor pool being used by young and old alike, there really is nowhere better to be when the heat is on. If you’ve been thinking about trying naturism then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t contact us now for your trial visit (subject to availability)?

Pool and Lawn

For your personal introduction to Diogenes and a real taste of family orientated naturism, see our Membership Enquiries and Trial Visits page to apply and you too could be enjoying the sun on your bare body sooner than you dare imagine … Go on, what have you to lose except your clothes?

How to Keep Cool in the HOT Weather!

Diogenes Sun Club paid host to BBC Newsnight last Friday, when a three man crew descended to film a piece about how to keep cool in the hot weather (in at about 26.45 minutes).

Stephen Smith, Presenter and the Culture Correspondent of Newsnight was in the frame along with two of our members, Andrew Welch and Emma James.  Andrew Welch is also the Commercial Manager of British Naturism and deals with media enquiries on a daily basis so is a veritable minefield of naturist facts and figures.  Emma James, a businesswoman, networker and blogger, is a more recent recruit to public naturism, having joined Diogenes in May 2011 and who has thrown herself into naturism and the naturist lifestyle with gusto.

Filming took place late afternoon on a blistering, hot, sunny day, which showed our 60ft heated outdoor pool and the grounds off to full effect.  A number of members came along to take part in the filming and appeared, relaxing in the grounds alongside the pool.

There was the usual predicament, “I can foresee one problem.  Where do we put the microphones?” which resulted in the Producer, gamely on his hands and knees on the ground alongside Andrew and Emma as they were being filmed.

After a long hot day filming, the crew wrapped, leaving to film another segment for the short piece which was screened towards the end of Newsnight on Friday 19 July 2013.  The crew were hot and tired and were they not working, they would surely have been tempted to try naturism for themselves?

Shortly before Kate gave birth to the third in line to the throne (Congratulations!), we also appeared on the Home Page of the BBC: “Naturism or no socks?  How to keep cool.”

We could get used to all this exposure … Here we are on the Home Page of British Naturism too!

So what are you waiting for? Sunshine or showers, there’s always a warm welcome at Diogenes. See our Outdoor Pool and New to Naturism pages for starters. Why not browse more of our website, & check out our wonderful facilities at our family-friendly naturist club? Book a Trial Visit for yourself and discover just how positive naturism is.

And here, appropriately given the regal birth, two recent visitors to Diogenes blogged an entry named: “Buckinghamshire Palace” - written after attending our recent “Friends and Family day” held on 30 June 2013 – see: “The Naked Truth. The Tales and Views of an English Naturist”

Stephen Smith, Twitter @StephenSmithBBC https://twitter.com/StephenSmithBBC

Stephen Smith, “The Biggest Cover-Up In History” 10 February 2011; http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/tv/posts/fig-leaf-the-biggest-cover-up

Ladies Day Success!

Our first ever ladies day last Saturday was a roaring success.  With temperatures on the Diogenes lawns reaching around 30 degrees, the scene was set for a day to remember – and so it proved.  Several women came along to experience naturism for themselves for the very first time, and their happy faces as they shed their cares along with their clothes was testament to the warm welcome they received.  We soon saw our guests enjoying the beautiful outdoor pool and chatting away with our members like they’d been naturists for ever!  Relaxing treatments from Chantelle of Watford Holistic Therapy, Diane of Mellowland Therapies and our very own Emma James soothed away the stresses of everyday life and added to the relaxed and mellow vibe of the day, which ended with a Diogenes special barbecue!

Truly it was inspirational to see women arriving, unsure what to expect, then within minutes seeing them offload their worries as they took their first steps into naturism.  We see it again and again that this way of life builds a positive body image and self confidence and the women who came along realised that in a naturist environment nobody ‘looks at you’  and that it is a respectful, wholesome and utterly relaxing place to be.

If you missed out on this great event and want to discover naturism for yourself you can apply for a FREE trial visit.  With the current hot weather set to continue, there’s never been a better time!

Diogenes Ladies Day – Saturday July 13th

Well, there’s just one week left until our special ladies introductory day at Diogenes and the programme is shaping up nicely.  We now have three therapists offering treatments as diverse as Reiki, Thai yoga massage, holistic massage and foot massage.  You also get use of the indoor and outdoor pools, the sauna, all the club’s grounds and the day is rounded off with a barbecue.  The current heatwave must have got to us as we are offering all this for just £8 per person!!

Naturism is on the rise in the UK and if you’ve ever skinny dipped or sunbathed nude on holiday then you’ll know it’s the only way to dress in the sunshine!  We know that some people are nervous about the idea of social nudity however, so we have made this day ‘clothes optional’ in case of any nervousness.  We don’t think that will be an issue though.  As a new lady member said last week “this is so empowering, it’s changed me far deeper than I could ever have imagined”!  This from a lady who had, until that very day, never thought she could go nude in front of other people!

Places are filling up, but there’s still room.  Just email publicity AT diogenessunclub.co DOT uk to reserve your place.

Ladies Clothing Optional Day – Update

Here at Diogenes we’ve been busy putting together a day to remember for our guests.  So far we have arranged:

  • Mini massage treatments;
  • Holistic massage;
  • Reiki;
  • A foot practitioner;
  • A healing session;
  • A cracking barbecue to round off the day

On top of this you get full use of the club’s beautiful grounds, including indoor and outdoor pools, the sauna and sports facilities.  This is a chance for ladies to try naturism in relaxed and welcoming surroundings at one of the UK’s foremost family friendly naturist clubs, though we’re keep it ‘clothing optional’ so there’s no pressure to disrobe.  This event is sure to be popular, particularly at just £8 per person, so reserve your place now by emailing publicity AT diogenessunclub.co DOT uk

Still wavering due to some nerves?  Check out our new to naturism page to hear how some of our 130 or so lady members feel about their naturist lives, together with other information for nervous newcomers.

Of course, activities may be subject to change so refer back here for latest updates.

Ladies clothing optional day – Saturday July 13th

Women often tell us that they would love to try Naturism, but that they are too nervous.  Of course, here at Diogenes we know that there is no reason to be as Naturism is actually the most relaxed and relaxing way of life there is – and where better to experience it than at Diogenes!

With this in mind we have organised a special day where women can come and try Naturism for themselves.  This clothing optional event will have a number of activities, such as inclusive mini massage treatments and hopefully a life drawing workshop for the artistically minded.  The whole day will be designed to give women the confidence to try Naturism at their own pace and in their own space.  The day will cost just £8 and for this you will get full use of all the club’s facilities in six acres of beautiful grounds around a country house.

Local resident and Diogenes member Emma James who is organising the day said, “We often hear women say they’re quite keen to try naturism but they worry their bodies are not ‘good’ enough or they imagine they’ll be too self conscious, so they don’t tend to tick the interest off their ‘Bucket List’.

The reality is that people come in all shapes and sizes and a naturist environment is a safe, welcoming and wholesome one, where people are accepted for who they are, not what they look like.

We want to encourage women to come and try the liberating experience of naturism for themselves which is why we’re organising this special day, so that local women can see the Club and its amazing facilities and dispel any fears they may have”.

Planning is at an early stage so activities will be added and others may be subject to change, but keep visiting back here for more information, or contact publicity AT diogenessunclub.co DOT uk to request email updates or further information.

The Diogenes Road Show – Coming Soon!

We’re looking forward to getting out and meeting as many people at possible at two great events this spring and summer.  On May 11th, we will have a stall at The Kings Langley Wellbeing Festival and on June 29th we will be at our local Chalfont St.Peter Feast Day.  If you’re in the area, come along and meet us to have a chat!

The Great British Skinny Dip – That’s All Folks!

We’ve had a great time welcoming loads of lovely visitors to our popular skinny dip sessions this winter.  With a warm welcome, a warm pool and plenty of cake, everyone had a whale of a time and many newcomers discovered for themselves why Naturism is so liberating, life-affirming and relaxing.

We’ll be taking part in this promotion again for sure, but if you can’t wait until next winter, why not come along for a FREE trial visit?  With summer just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to try Naturism for yourself at one of the UK’s premier family friendly Naturist clubs.

The Great British Skinny Dip – EXTRA SESSION ADDED!

Due to popular demand (and a large amount of snow on January 19th!) we have organised a final session of skinny dipping on Saturday February 23rd from 7 till 9 p.m.  Book your place here.

Skinny Dip Session 19th January 2013 – CANCELLED.

It is with regret that we have had to take the tough decision to cancel tomorrow evening’s event.  Members who live near to the club have informed us that there has been heavy snowfall in the area and we have already had some people say that they will not be attending due to the current weather.  This is not a decision we have taken lightly as we were so looking forward to welcoming everyone to Diogenes, but due to our location we can become fairly inaccessible during snowy weather.  With further snow forecast into Saturday, it has left us with no option but to take this decision.
While the session on the 26th is now fully booked,we have spaces on February 2nd and 9th.  Apologies for ny inconvenience this has caused you , but you will appreciate the difficulties that this sort of severe weather causes us.

Try Naturism – come and skinny dip with us this winter!

As the wind is howling outside and the rain carries on endlessly, you might think that taking your clothes off to try Naturism is a fairly unappealing prospect.  But hey – think again!  Imagine a wonderful heated indoor pool and good company and it becomes a whole different prospect.  If you’re looking for a new year resolution with a difference, forget those expensive gyms and crowded health clubs and consider Naturism.  It’s relaxing, family friendly and great for your wellbeing, body image and self esteem.  New to Naturism?  Nervous?  Don’t be!  See our ‘New to Naturism’  page to put you at your ease.

In fact, we are so confident that trying Naturism will be great for you that we’ve teamed up with our friends at the national organisation British Naturism  and during January and February 2013 we will be taking part in the Great British Skinny Dip.  This promotion is perfect for newcomers (even if you are nervous) and will be held in our super indoor pool.  At only £4 they make a great evening out and you are assured of a warm welcome from people who well understand those first time nerves and will soon put you at your ease.  These very special sessions are booking fast so hurry as places are limited.  They will be held on Saturdays from 7 till 9 p.m. on:

  • January 19th – (This session is already fully booked)
  • January 26th – (This session is already fully booked)
  • February 2nd – Completed
  • February 9th – Completed
  • February 23rd – Don’t miss out: Register online for a wonderful evening’s swim!

Prior online registration is essential.

Don’t delay, book today and skinny dip into 2013 at one of the UK’s best Naturist clubs.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Diogenes – Wins British Naturism’s President Award!

Hot news from the BN AGM at Blackthorns: Diogenes Sun Club has won a BN President’s award!

This is a great accolade for us and reflects on everyone who belongs to Diogenes, who continually make our great club such a wonderful place to be.

The award is in respect of the club’s work to promote naturism. We’re very proud of this accolade as we put lots of effort into making sure that we offer the very best in family orientated naturism and welcoming newcomers to our wholesome club.

Why not come along to see for yourself what makes Diogenes special? If you are new to naturism or simply considering giving it a go, don’t worry, we will make you welcome and at ease. What’s more: With our fantastic heated indoor pool, even the colder days don’t stop us having a great time – apply for a FREE trial visit now!

The Great British Skinny Dip 2013

Okay, we’ll admit we’re a bit premature here as summer hasn’t even finished (did it ever start?!), but we’re really excited to announce that in January and February 2013 we will once again be taking part in British Naturism’s new year swim promotion, The Great British Skinny Dip.  Our 2012 sessions were over subscribed and we were delighted to introduce lots of people to Diogenes and to meet several complete newcomers who made their first steps into naturism and chose our club to do so!

These friendly and informal sessions are, like everything we do, entirely family friendly and are a great way to try out naturism in a welcoming atmosphere.  In fact, many of our guests in early 2012 were so blown away by the welcome they received and the great facilities that Diogenes offers that they subsequently joined us as members and are now part of the Diogenes family!

Why not resolve to try something new in 2013 and come and find out why nearly 4 million people in the UK describe themselves as naturists?  It’s a great way to be, excellent for your wellbeing,  and you’ll meet some of the friendliest folk to be found anywhere (and we’ll probably throw in some tasty cakes as well!).

The 2012 sessions were filmed by Bucks TV, so if you want to find out what we have to offer see the film here (but ignore the dates mentioned as they were for 2012).  Of course, if you can’t wait until 2013, you can arrange a FREE visit now! You may also like to read more about joining us.

Keep an eye on this page for further details as we will be announcing our January and February 2013 dates soon and they’re sure to be popular!