April 27, 2018


How do you pronounce Diogenes?

Diogenes is pronounced Di-odge-eh-knees (or simply Dodgy-Knees)

How quickly will you respond to my enquiry?

Most enquiry’s are seen within hours and are generally handled within a few working days, and often quicker, subject to workload. Our Membership Secretary will generally be your first point of contact with our club. Don’t be anxious about speaking with them, they have a wealth of experience in dealing with the public, and will make you feel at ease right away.

Can I just turn up at the gates and gain access?

Afraid not! We only admit visitors who have made prior contact with us and have subsequently been invited. Members of the public who turn up unannounced and uninvited will always be turned away from the gates. This is out of consideration to our current members and visitors. If you really want to visit Diogenes, then please approach us via the proper channel (i.e. send us a trial visit enquiry form available from our Join / Trial Visits page). In this way you will be able to engage with the Membership Secretary who will be able to schedule a visit with you.

Do you allow casual visitors to come for the day?

First and foremost we are a member’s club, which means that we generally do not allow just anybody to come to our club for a casual “drop-in” visit. We are always happy to hear from people interested in our club, but please respect the fact that our members have joined Diogenes for the peace, quiet, and safety of knowing that people on site are known and trusted. This is one of the reasons why we will only offer trial visits on a Sunday afternoon, when we can be assured of being able to oversee and to assist our visitors on their first visits.

What are the opening times for Diogenes?

Diogenes is open to its members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do you allow animals within the grounds?

Animals (pets) are not able to be brought into the club’s house or grounds. The only exception to this ruling is registered assistance dogs with their owners.

We’ve heard it’s difficult to get into Diogenes; is this true?

Most definitely “not true” … we do however have a straight forward process for interviewing prospective members and for offering probationary membership, but this is really nothing to be concerned about. Indeed, it helps ensure that all of the club’s members are thoughtfully selected, and verified as genuinely nice people who want to be involved with naturism and Diogenes Sun Club.

I know someone who is member, can I come as a guest?

Absolutely, of course you can come as a guest! Your friend just needs the permission of a committee member to bring you along to visit the club with them, and apart from signing in the visitor’s book and paying the day visitor’s fee, that’s it! However, if you are attending as a guest, you will still need to make formal arrangements with the Membership Secretary should you then choose to consider applying to join Diogenes Sun Club.

How much is it for a day visit?

Current day visit prices are a very reasonable £15.00 per person during your membership application process (first visit free), but we don’t allow casual day visitors. Children under 18 are admitted free, but they must be accompanied by a paying adult (2024). This cost covers everything on-site, with the exception of the Sauna, which is chargeable at £3.00 per person per session . We also have tea/coffee, squash and ice creams on sale so bring some change!

Do I have to sit in front of the whole Committee to be interviewed?

This is an urban myth, NO, you do not have to sit rigidly in front of the club’s Committee as part of your membership application, whilst nervously answering quickfire questions! You will be introduced to the majority of Committee members over a period of three to four visits so that you can acquaint yourself with us and we can get to know you a little better (don’t worry, we don’t bite and we have a good track record of easing nervous newcomers).

Who is on the Committee and will they like me?

The Committee at Diogenes is made up of up to 16 elected club members. There is a diverse age range and we have a mixture of male and female Committee members. During your first trial visits to Diogenes you will chat casually and informally to the Committee (individually or in pairs ) in order that you have a good opportunity to tell us about yourself and why you would like to be part of our naturist club. TThis discussion stage is a vital part of our membership application process. It’s also where you can find out more about our club, and this can help you to decide whether or not you would like to be involved with Diogenes (we can’t think why you wouldn’t though)

What’s a Club Sunday, I’ve heard rumours?

Club Sundays are when the collective membership are called together to tackle various tasks and projects around the house and grounds. It’s one of the few ways that we can keep our overheads down, principally by using the members’ skills and willingness to assist. There are 7 such organised working days throughout the year, it’s not a great deal, there are still a further 358 days which you can use to relax at Diogenes!

What sort of members are you looking for?

We are looking for membership applications from genuine people who are interested in naturism. Diogenes Sun Club is first and foremost a family orientated club, and we welcome applications from  families, couples, & singles. If you want to be part of a very friendly sun club, then Diogenes is definitely worth exploring (it costs you nothing for your initial visit). Diogenes has a family friendly ethos, and we are NOT a swingers’ club.

Do I have to be a member of British Naturism to join?

Membership of British Naturism is NOT a pre-requisite for joining Diogenes Sun Club, but we would always ask you to consider joining BN, as it is an organisation that we are a member club of, and they support naturism, naturists and naturist clubs in many ways throughout the year. If you are not currently a member of BN, why not consider joining them too? They put on many great events, some of which you can only access by being a member.

Do you have facilities for wheelchair users?

We have designated hard standing parking spaces for registered disabled users. Most of the pathways in and around the grounds are hard stony surfaces, which can be traversed in a wheelchair, but it’s probably easier if someone were assisting you. There is wheelchair access through the main entrance door and conservatory, and we have a generously sized unisex toilet suitable for wheelchair users on the ground floor. There are no lifts in place, and access to the pools would have to be with assistance up and down steps.

Do I have to undress when I first visit?

Most definitely not, unless you want to of course. It is not at all uncommon for prospective new members to remain clothed during their first visit to Diogenes. You need only disrobe once you feel comfortable with the environment and your surroundings. Once you have taken that first step of shedding your clothes at the club, you’ll soon feel very comfortable, especially when you realise no-one is taking a blind bit of notice of you! More often than not, the person showing you around will be clothed to help you settle quickly.

Where do I undress and leave my clothes?

We have two changing room areas where you can undress, and either hang your clothes up or fold them away into your bags, or one of our storage boxes for belongings. To our knowledge, no one has ever returned to find their clothes missing from where they had left them, so you won’t be going home wrapped in a towel!

Do you have secure lockers for the members?

There are a few lockers in use, but generally members look after their own belongings, or lock any valuables in their vehicles. Whilst Diogenes is a members club, and respect for other people’s property is generally very high, the club cannot be held responsible for items lost or stolen around the house and grounds. You wouldn’t leave your purse or mobile phone on display in a public park or on a beach, but if you take reasonable care of your valuables whilst at Diogenes, you should not encounter any problems.

My partner is nervous about visiting a naturist club?

We can understand that nervousness, we too were all newbies to the club when we took that first step to visiting a naturist club. Relax, honestly, it’s no big deal. We know that newcomers to the club may be apprehensive, and we are more than considerate when it comes to making someone feel at ease. Generally the show-round of the club’s grounds and facilities will be done by someone as clothed as you (unless of course the weather is so good that it would be a crime not to be naked!)

My partner doesn’t want to join, can I still apply?

Any person is entitled to apply for membership at Diogenes Sun Club regardless of their partner’s disinterest. We manage the membership numbers fairly to ensure that the balance of sexes is reasonably proportionate at all times. In practise this means that whilst you may be offered a trial visit to explore the club, you may not necessarily be able to be offered an opportunity for membership straight away.

Scars, Bumps & Missing Bits?

One of the great reasons for joining a naturist club is that wed don’t judge appearances. Whether you have scar tissue, a bumpy bit sticking out or a bit sadly missing, you’ll find that the membership of Diogenes will take no notice, and will accept you for the person you are. We have members of all ages, shapes and sizes, and there are a good many of us who would not rate as “perfect” should we ever have to pass that particular criteria. Please don’t hold back from considering joining us should you be concerned that you won’t look right, trust us, you will be fine.

Body Hair?

Whether you are as nature intended or you prefer to keep yourself smooth, trimmed or just tamed, you really don’t need to be concerned about your pubic hair style. Naturism is about being yourself and if you are comfortable with the way you groom, then that is absolutely fine within our club. No one will take a blind bit of notice.

Body Jewellery & Art?

In keeping with our aim to be a family friendly naturist club, body jewellery needs to be relative and proportionate to the area it is adorning. Ear-rings, navel studs, tongue/eyebrow piercings, nipple bars & tattoos, none of these will attract any undue attention. Genital piercings on the other hand are not acceptable. We try to take a sensible approach to people’s personal tastes but genital jewellery that could be seen to be adding to one’s sensual pleasures is simply not acceptable at the club.

A Committee member will quietly ask you to remove any body jewellery that is deemed to be overt, please do not take offence at this, we would prefer you to have made that decision for yourself. You will also be reminded about this upon being sent an invitation to visit us.