April 28, 2018

Being a Member

What is it like as a Diogenes Member?

We’re often asked whether we accept casual day visitors to our club.  The short answer is generally no.  Diogenes is a true members club, owned and fully maintained by the membership.  If we were to allow “Joe Public” to come in on an ad-hoc basis with no input from them in helping to keep the club in good order, the structure of our club would be irrevocably changed.

Diogenes is a family oriented environment and is a safe space for social nudity. This means that the same standards of behaviour apply within the club as outside. We are not a club for swingers, and sexual behaviour is not permitted.

Over the years we have built a foundation for our club based on bringing like-minded members together who want the club they own to flourish and improve, largely through their own efforts. We maintain a low membership fee per member through not having to pay for sub-contractors to come in and do the work that we are all capable of handling ourselves (specialist works excepted).

Joining Diogenes is about committing to helping to keep the club a really great place to spend your leisure time. The return you get is directly proportional to the effort you expend in helping to make the club a better place.  We build long standing friendships here at Diogenes, something that can’t be achieved through infrequent, ad-hoc spot visits when the weather is good.  Ours is a community spirit, and one that we are rightly proud of.

By applying for membership you are saying that you want to be part of this vibrant naturist community and that you are prepared to commit some of your free time to helping us maintain our club.  Not everyone can commit as much time as others, but if we all put something in, we can all take a little more out. Experiencing a trial Sunday afternoon visit is your no-commitment opportunity to see what lies behind the gates of Diogenes for yourself. Come see what we have to enjoy, savour the incredible feeling of the warming sun on your bare skin, take a refreshing dip in our pools, and enjoy the facilities.

If you like what you have sampled, please speak to our Membership Secretary about the opportunities available to join us. Our application process is not that difficult to work through, but it is necessarily thorough to ensure that we bring the right people through to join our community.