April 27, 2018

New to Naturism

We’re known for our welcome – especially for nervous newcomers!

People often say that they would be nervous coming into a naturist environment, and in particular often comment on perceived ‘faults’ with their bodies.  Others  may worry that ‘everyone will look at me’ and may write off naturism as something that they couldn’t possibly try! We can assure you that, while these concerns are normal, they are unfounded and you will soon be amazed by the positive benefits of naturism and how quickly you feel at ease. You’ll probably have lots of questions – if they aren’t answered on our frequently asked questions page, then you can contact us and we can either email you back or arrange for a member (of the same gender if you prefer) to have a chat with you.

It is a sad fact that we are bombarded with images of the ‘perfect body’ through advertising and other media, but happily the vast majority of people are not like these images!  Naturists become more comfortable with themselves and gain increased confidence and wellbeing.  We know that our bodies are all different and that the blemishes, marks and ‘imperfections’ that we all have are entirely normal.

One of our members said:

“I am a mother and I have stretch marks, but in a naturist environment these don’t bother me at all as I realise that I am just like most other women of my age.  Nobody is bothered and my confidence has grown hugely since becoming a naturist.  People come in all shapes and sizes, there is no ‘normal’ and in naturism you are accepted as the person you are. Diogenes is a great environment for families, you make lots of friends and it’s a wonderful place to spend a relaxing day with the kids.”

Another member adds:

“I joined Diogenes after shying away from club naturism as a single parent, believing it to be largely couple orientated. How wrong can you be! It’s never too late. Still a single parent, but my children now adults, I have a growing bank of Naturist friends, with my friends at Diogenes the ones I am closest to. Being a member of Diogenes has broadened and enriched my life in more ways than I could have envisaged. Don’t leave it as long as I did!”

At Diogenes we have a good balance of male and female members and you will certainly not feel outnumbered or uncomfortable in any way, and we promise you nobody will stare!  We pride ourselves on our wholesome, friendly and safe environment and groups of friends will often meet up for a quiet afternoon at the club which is much more pleasant than being at a crowded park or public pool!

Why not take the clothes free plunge today by arranging a FREE visit?